Hanna Ruminski


Hanna Ruminski,M.F.A.,

Hanna Ruminski was born in Poland and since 1981 has resided in Canada.
Ruminski holds a Master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1975-1980).
Along with being a participant in many exhibitions,her artwork is also found in numerous corporate and private collection in Canada, USA, South Korea and throughout Europe.

Ruminski’s art was represented at the Toronto International Art Fair from 2003 to 2014.

As an artist, Ruminski expresses herself in two different subject matters: One is expressionist images balancing between abstraction and figuration, and two, realistic old world interiors with details and architectural elements. Images collected over time in Ruminski’s “memory pockets," as well as found photographs inspired her subject matters.

Like an old wall covered in layers of paint, posters, graffiti etc., her contemporary work aims to recreate these urban textures on canvas. The overlapping of letters represents dialogue; expression through communication within society, both personal and public. By repeating a process of building and scraping off layers, what is revealed underneath is always a surprise. Just like with our emotions and memories, this uncovering creates a sense of vulnerability and exposure.

Ruminski’s Polish origins – rich in culture, history, and tradition – is recognizable in her interest in European antiques, architecture as well as interiors.

Her representational paintings are combination of the fascination for the richness and glory of the ancestral interiors and fading opulence of a material world.

For Ruminski, as an artist, it’s a continuous journey to identify her own unique self expression through markings and gestures. Immersing herself in the act of painting, she is defining her visual language in a manifestation of purity and intuition found in the simplicity of her children’s drawings from the past.
Ruminski lives and works in Toronto.


Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto, ON
Trias Gallery, Oakville, ON
Art Interiors, Toronto,ON
Koyman Galleries, Ottawa, ON
Saatchi Art,

2018-MRFA, Toronto, Annual Group Show
2017-MRFA, Toronto, Annual Group Exhibition
2016- September 1-11, Trias Gallery, Oakville, solo show
2016-MRFA, Toronto, gallery artists Spring Group Show
2015-MRFA, Toronto- "Installed" gallery artists group show celebrating 30 years in the business
2014 June- MRFA, Toronto – "Refresh” gallery artists group show
2014- OSA 141st Open Juried Exhibition “Game”, DeSerres Award
2013- International Art Fair, Toronto,On (Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto)
2013-Rogers Cup 2013 (private corporate boxes) Tennis Canada in conjunction with AGO Art Rental+Sales Gallery and Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto
2012-International Art Fair, Toronto, ON (with Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto)
2012-Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts Annual group show
2011-International Art Fair, Toronto, ON (with Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto)
2011-MRFA Annual group show
2010-International Art Fair, Toronto, ON (with Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto)
2010-May15-June 30 MRFA Annual group show
2009-June 12,13,14 “Art Polonica One"Toronto Metro Convention Centre "Art 2009”.
2009-“In the art” Arta Gallery,Toronto,ON group show
2009-May 5-29 “Open Mind” Ontario Society of Artists 135th Annual Open Juried Exhibition ,John B.Aird Gallery,Toronto,ON, presented with the “Life members” Award
2009-May 23-June 29 MRFA Spring Group Exhibition,Toronto,ON
2009-November 7-20 Trias Gallery,Toronto,ON group show
2008-International Art Fair, Toronto, ON (with Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto)
2007-MRFA “Paint Show”, Toronto, ON
2007-Polish Contemporary Art in Canadian Collections, Gallery 1313, Toronto,ON
2003-2007 International Art Fair, Toronto, ON (with Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts, Toronto)
1997-“Night of a Thousands Glasses” Great Hall, St.Lawrence Market, Toronto, ON solo
1994-Gallery 7, Toronto, ON group show
1993-Gallery 306, Toronto, ON solo
1992-“Canadian Art by Polish Artists” Toronto City Hall ,Toronto, ON group show
1988-Elleke Claasen van Steen Arts & Antiques,Goodwood,ON solo
1981-Second Storey Gallery Calgary, Alta group show
1980-Gallery of Modern Art Zacheta, Warsaw,Poland group show


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